Game Instructions

Forgot how to play? Here are the simple rules for all Truth or Toast games:

Separate the game cards (Toast/Dare/Double Dare) from the blackout cards. Shuffle all the game cards together and place them face down in one pile. Place all the blackout cards face up in another pile. Whoever has the most items of clothing on goes first and draws 1 card. The player must read the card aloud and complete the dare or drink. The game then continues in clockwise order.

The game is designed to be played in teams of 2 (couples, friends, homies, friends with benefits, etc). Each game consists of 3 rounds. A round is over when a player receives 3 black out cards or scores 10 points. If you canโ€™t count to 10 while while playing, the round is over when you run out ofย drinks!

Toast: Questions that apply to everyone in the game. No points awarded. Dare &

Double Dare: Only apply to the person (and their partner) that draws it. If the dare is completed, the player keeps the card and scores the points. If player refuses, they must take a blackout card.

Point totals are listed at the bottom of each Dare & Double Dare card. Complete the dare, score the points. After 3 rounds whichever players has the most points wins!ย 

This game is sexual in nature with many explicit cards. Ask for consent. Feel free to skip cards when necessary.